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January 2016

Amy Flora

Avid reader, slow but steady runner and MSc Information Science student at #citylis.  @littlestmy

Miniature bottles in Oslo


Sarah Goodey

I live in Newport, South Wales. I moved here for college in ’92 and now work for Garth – an arts and health charity. I’m a photographer and a volunteer for Maindee Festival, and I enjoy gardening, film, music and making raspberry jam.

Facebook: Sarah N Goodey
Gwent Arts in health:

Chris Atkins

Chris Atkins has been a scientist, engineer, business consultant and marketer. He currently teaches part time at Exeter University in the UK. He is interested in EVERYTHING he comes across.

Stuart Kinmond

Montreal native and long-time architect, Stuart Kinmond has spent the last 15 years as a full-time visual artist working in paint, digital media and public art out of his Ottawa studio. He studied painting and printmaking at the Ottawa School of Art in the nineties and began exhibiting in 2000. He has had numerous solo shows and group shows in Ottawa, Gatineau, Montreal, Toronto and San Francisco.
He is currently working on a large-scale public art project on Main Street for the City of Ottawa.
His work may be viewed at

Marla Fletcher

Marla Fletcher is a writer/editor and online content advisor/creator with a special fondness for great books, music, gardening and artistic endeavours.

Astri Prugger

Montreal fashion designer, exploring water colour, photography  and jewellery-making, and living a creative life.

Marnie Wellar

Optimist, book lover, iconoclast, artist, citizen


Chris Brown

Chris has been creating media to help community builders for forty years, now at Liquid Visual.

It’s time for some ballooning


by Patricia Lightfoot

We were woken by the call to prayer before the alarm clock rang and driven to a field where the balloon was already inflated. Reassured by the size and robustness of the wicker basket, we climbed up and into one of several compartments. As we talked, took photos of other balloons being inflated and listened to our pilot’s instructions to bend our knees on landing, we failed to realize that we had taken off until we were floating about 50 feet off the ground, fooled by the ease of our departure. Continue reading “It’s time for some ballooning”

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