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April 2016

Listening in the dark

by Amy Flora

I am an adult who is afraid of the dark. This has previously been a source of embarrassment for me, but I have since accepted who I am and will proudly use my nightlight. So, with this in mind, I was very nervous about “seeing” a production of Samuel Beckett’s All That Fall at Wilton’s Music Hall in London. Continue reading “Listening in the dark”

The new beer culture

by Pat Rich

We were sitting with friends at the Aberdeen Pavilion in Lansdowne Park in Ottawa a few weeks ago enjoying the St. Patrick’s Day festivities with music, food and, most important, at least 12 different varieties of draft beer supplied by Beau’s Brewery, the well-established Vankleek Hill microbrewery.

The event had been sold out for weeks and mirrored the success Beau’s has had with its Oktoberfest event held for the past 7 years at the Vankleek Hill Fairgrounds. Beau’s also sponsored the St. Patrick’s Day parade that preceded the Lansdowne Park event. A spokesman for the brewery was quoted as saying the celebrations aimed to have “a more traditional, cultural focus. We want this to be a cultural celebration.” Continue reading “The new beer culture”

Why I hook

by Marla Fletcher

Poke, pull, wiggle, repeat. I am absorbed in a rhythmic ritual — simultaneously at peace and at play. My creative thirst is, for now, being satisfied. In my relative beginner’s grasp, the hook moves in awkward jerks and starts, but with time and experience it will settle into a steady, almost trancelike sequence.

This reflection focuses on the centuries-old craft known as rug hooking, and how it has come to be my most captivating leisure-time pursuit — eclipsing even gardening! The craft involves pulling loops of fabric through a loosely woven, firm backing such as linen or burlap to paint pictures and tell stories. Some consider it folk art or ‘artisanal entrepreneurship.’ Continue reading “Why I hook”

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