By Kristen Hines

Place: Apple Opéra, 12 rue Halévy, Paris (first two photos); Carrousel du Louvre, 99 rue de Rivoli (last one)
Time: October 5, 2011
What is happening: It’s easy to exaggerate how different other cultures are from our own. And it probably goes without saying that Paris is the most easy city of them all to romanticize. Be they about Paris’s thriving bookstores (that sell only books!), insouciant street style, lax traffic rules or the pervasive belief that Parisians don’t gain weight despite a steady diet of pastry and cheese, the mythologies abound.

But, Europeans, like North Americans, love their iPhones and their Macs. And, like us, they were sad to learn of Steve Jobs’ passing. The sentiment was evident by the shrines that popped up at Apple stores throughout France five years ago this week, including the one in the Louvre. (If the idea of an Apple store in the Louvre isn’t enough to kill your Parisian fantasy, I don’t know what is.)


Photos taken on iPhone 4