By Amy Flora

I don’t doubt there will be a proliferation of these stories. I’m sure, across this galaxy near and far, far, away, there will many women who yearn to tell their Carrie Fisher story.

Many moons ago, I watched The Blues Brothers with my father. When Carrie appears as the jilted woman, I remember my father turning to me and saying, “that’s princess Leia.” Much like the appearance of Aretha Franklin in that film, it took me years to appreciate the full force of her presence, her limited screen time near irrelevant in the face of the full force of her personality.

As a young woman with bipolar disorder, Carrie Fisher was the perfect heroine. She was proud and unapologetic. She was fierce and glorious. Carrie made everything seem possible.

I will go to bed tonight reminded of her in all of her glory.

Carrie Fisher, the beautiful essayist.

Carrie Fisher, the tremendous script doctor.

Carrie Fisher, the fearless advocate for mental health.

Carrie Fisher, the eternal feminist.

She will be more than a princess of Alderaan. She will forever be General Organa. A woman who defeated fear. A woman who made us all strong.

Goodnight, General. You have made us all stronger.

Photo credit: Pineapples101 ESB-French-Lobby-07