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February 2017

Scottish cuisine

By Patricia Lightfoot

When asked to share a dish typical of my cultural background, I have sometimes felt challenged in a way that someone of Italian or Lebanese origin, for instance, probably would not be. My first thought tends to be not “which delicious dish shall I choose from my birth country’s remarkable and justifiably famous cuisine?” but, rather, is there anything I can think of that someone else might want to eat? Continue reading “Scottish cuisine”

Ookpik – cliché Canadiana or entrée to Inuit culture?

By Carolyn Brown

In a harmonic convergence of craft beer and nostalgia, I ordered an Ookpik on Kijiji, and it arrived Feb. 1, still in its original box. I had had one when I was young, as did many children in Canada and the US, but I fear that long-lost Ookpik ended its days in landfill.

The Ookpik came along just as Canada was becoming cool — culturally, I mean. Continue reading “Ookpik – cliché Canadiana or entrée to Inuit culture?”

Ecco Romani

by Patricia Lightfoot

In Nancy Mitford’s Don’t Tell Alfred, when asked if he would like to live on another planet, Charles-Edouard de Valhubert replies that he is not interested in going to a place where there were “oceans on which Ulysses never sailed, mountains uncrossed by Hannibal and Napoleon.” I understand his sentiment, a product of a classical education and a life spent in Europe, because I now live in a country where the Romans did not set foot, and sometimes I miss their mark on the landscape. Continue reading “Ecco Romani”

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