By Amy Flora

Walking up the road in the 30-degree heat I wondered, “How will I know exactly where the museum is?” Fortunately, an enormous pink pig–themed school bus appeared on the horizon: the first of many surprises.

Pig-themed bus

Given that I had visited the miniature bottle museum in Oslo last year, it might not be a surprise that I sought out the Schweine Museum in Stuttgart. With more than forty thousand pig-related items, the museum is a haven for anyone who likes the slightly odd and ever-present feeling of being surrounded by stuffed pigs.

Each room is organized based on a type of pig product or a theme. I particularly enjoyed the room that was designed as an interactive calendar. Each wall had floor to ceiling boxes marked with a day of the year. Immediately I went and found my birthday. My birthday pig did not disappoint.

Birthday pig

For “Game of Thrones” fans there is a fantastic piece that could give the Iron Throne a run for its money. I will be emailing HBO to suggest this update for next season.

Pig throne

Whereas the museum is content heavy and overwhelming at times, it is superbly curated. Information panels provide an important context to each room, and I now know more about animal husbandry than I could ever have imagined. I look forward to smugly including fun facts about pigs in all future conversations in an attempt to seem more interesting than I actually am.

Finally and, depending on your perspective, most importantly, they also have a fantastic beer garden in case you need to debrief and recover from your pig exhaustion.

Beer garden

Photographs: Amy Flora and Eóin Davies