by Anthony Bushell

Orgiva lies nestled on the lower slopes of the great valleys of Las Alpujarras, which lead up to the southern slopes of the mighty Sierra Nevada mountain range. It is these snow-capped peaks one sees forming the backdrop to the Alhambra Palace in Granada in the classic photographed view of this, the greatest of all Islam’s architectural creations in Spain. Granada, along with Cordoba and Seville, constitutes the most visible cultural legacy of the centuries-long Moorish domination of Spain, but it was among the serpentine valleys of Las Alpujarras that the Moors clung to their very last toehold before their final expulsion in one of history’s earliest examples of ethnic cleansing. There is still some sense today of these valleys being a place of refuge or sanctuary where one might be able to build a new and different life from relatively little. Certainly, that is exactly why a good many outsiders from a vast number of nations have chosen to settle here. Continue reading “The cultures of Orgiva”