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by Chris Atkins

Show me the data!

By Chris Atkins

I have lived, studied and worked overseas for just over 20 years and have recently moved back to the UK, where I was born and brought up. Not much has changed in that time – certainly not the famed British weather – but having settled into living back “home” I have noticed one thing: there seem to be a lot more fancy cars around than there were before I left. In particular, the Audi marque seems to be much more common on UK roads than in the mid-1990s. Continue reading “Show me the data!”

Bridging the two cultures

by Chris Atkins

For all my career, and a bit more besides, I have been on what many Mongolfiere Weekly readers would consider the wrong side of C.P. Snow’s two cultures divide. As I drift into middle age and mellow into dabbling in social science, I start to wonder what, if anything, science has to say about culture. It turns out quite a bit more than I imagined but, unfortunately, the discovery brings out the committed analyst in me once more. Continue reading “Bridging the two cultures”

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