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Michelle Munro

Observing chimp behaviour in Gombe

By Michelle Munro

What to do with a weekend between Kigoma and Dar es Salaam?  I could join the other “week in the field” development hacks, take the Friday flight to Dar and enjoy vibrant markets, the Indian Ocean, a pedicure, and a hotel with a pool, gym, decent internet, consistent showers and exotic breakfast choices like real coffee, whole-wheat bread and yogurt. Or I could stay in Kigoma, capital of the region with the same name in western Tanzania, almost as far as you can get from Dar but only 2 hours from Gombe National Park, which, like Kigoma town, borders Lake Tanganyika. Continue reading “Observing chimp behaviour in Gombe”


by Michelle Munro

Juba is like a frontier town during a gold rush – red dust in the air and everywhere else, 40 degrees in the shade, African vultures circling overhead, rapidly erected shops with facades last seen in a Western, violent, but still a respite from more volatile parts of South Sudan, lots of money (development dollars), people from throughout the region (and globe) flooding in to cash in on the bonanza and lots of drinking.  So after a rather trying few days, I wandered up the road to the beauty saloon (what they call a hairdresser/esthetician here). Continue reading “Juba”

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