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A place and time

By Patricia Lightfoot

Place: Cafe Loki near Hallgrimskirkja in Reykjavik, Iceland

Time: Late June 2013 just after midsummer

What was happening: Dinner was being eaten in a welcoming calm space. What we were served as part of “Iceland 1” and “Iceland 3” included a rich rye-bread ice cream and a brandade-type mixture of fish and mashed potatoes on rye bread, which was particularly delicious. My husband had a taste of the traditional fermented shark (in the centre of the photograph), which he described as “not like anything I have tasted before.” As is customary, the fermented shark was paired with a shot of brennivin, a local spirit, which in this case referenced yet another local tradition, as it was served in a glass decorated with a pattern that looked as if it had been knitted.

Public art in Reykjavik 1

by Patricia Lightfoot

Both official and unofficial creativity thrive in Iceland’s capital. The environment may not be one that is friendly to plants, but there are flowers and robots.

Reykjavikstreet art
Photos: Phil and Patricia Lightfoot
Reykjavikstreet art
Reykjavik street art

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