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A place and time

By Kristen Hines

Place: Apple Opéra, 12 rue Halévy, Paris (first two photos); Carrousel du Louvre, 99 rue de Rivoli (last one)
Time: October 5, 2011
What is happening: It’s easy to exaggerate how different other cultures are from our own. And it probably goes without saying that Paris is the most easy city of them all to romanticize. Be they about Paris’s thriving bookstores (that sell only books!), insouciant street style, lax traffic rules or the pervasive belief that Parisians don’t gain weight despite a steady diet of pastry and cheese, the mythologies abound. Continue reading “A place and time”

A recent Paris visit: Being a short dissertation of potential value to the neophyte traveller

By Pat Rich


While it may come as a surprise to those anticipating that the whole world now speaks English, they do indeed still speak French in Paris. However, Parisians are now far more accommodating to unilingual English tourists than they were in the past. Those speaking English only will no longer be greeted with distain, and English is almost universally understood in tourist settings. Attempts to speak French by anglophones will be appreciated, but the visitor will generally find their Parisian host/server will instantly recognize a non-native accent and switch to English. Continue reading “A recent Paris visit: Being a short dissertation of potential value to the neophyte traveller”

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