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Scottish cuisine

By Patricia Lightfoot

When asked to share a dish typical of my cultural background, I have sometimes felt challenged in a way that someone of Italian or Lebanese origin, for instance, probably would not be. My first thought tends to be not “which delicious dish shall I choose from my birth country’s remarkable and justifiably famous cuisine?” but, rather, is there anything I can think of that someone else might want to eat? Continue reading “Scottish cuisine”

Celebrating St. Andrew

By Patricia Lightfoot

November 30 is Saint Andrew’s Day. At the Scottish girls’ school I attended, this meant haggis for lunch. Three scoops on the plate: white mashed potato, orange mashed turnip and grey haggis. We also had haggis for lunch every Tuesday, as I recall. On “haggis” days, there was a dessert/bribe of canned pineapple rings for those who ate everything on their plates, which I never did, as I could not get past the haggis. When November 30 fell on a weekday other than Tuesday, were we treated to haggis twice in the same week? It would seem logical, but my memory fails me on this point. Continue reading “Celebrating St. Andrew”

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